Newborn Pricing

At Little Lullaby Photography, we like to keep things simple. From our style of photography to our pricing. So our packages are all-inclusive, including both full resolution images as well as a print release. We also offer products thru our professional lab at significantly reduced prices, to encourage printing with us. This helps us to maintain the level of quality that your artistic images deserve.

Simple: $400

60 minute session, in studio

Images of baby only (No parents or siblings)

5 Professionally Edited, Full Resolution Images, downloadable from your private online gallery

Access to all of the studio’s newborn clothing, accessories and props

Classic: $500

2 hour session, in studio, outside at studio or both (weather permitting)

Images of baby (parents and siblings welcome)

10 Professionally Edited, Full Resolution Images, downloaded from your private online gallery

Access to all of the studio’s newborn clothing, accessories and props.

Premium: $600

3 hour session, in studio, outside at the studio or both (weather permitting)

Images of baby (parents and siblings welcome)

15 Professionally Edited, Full Resolution Images, downloadable from your private online gallery

Access to all of the studio’s newborn clothing, accessories and props

All sessions require a $100 retainer fee (which is applied towards the cost of the session) as well as a signed contract and model release to hold the date. The balance will be due the day of the session.

Clients will receive a gallery of images to choose from. You will have the option to purchase additional images, but no “raw” images will be released.

**Location must be within 10 miles of the studio, or an additional fee will apply.**

**Outdoor locations not available during the summer heat.**

When should I schedule?

The sooner the better! We take a limited number of newborns each month, so that we can maintain the flexibility necessary for these sessions. We understand that there is a good chance your baby will not come on his/her due date! Once you sign a contract and pay the retainer fee, you will be “soft booked”. Then we simply ask our mamas to keep in touch with us if you happen to delivery early or are running late. We love to receive a text with a picture of your new arrival too!  Most of my newborn sessions take place during regular business hours. So please let us know when you book, if you will need other accommodations.

What should I expect from each session?

For our simple sessions, only the newborn is photographed. This sessions comes with 5 digital images, which you are able to choose from a gallery of about 30. If you would like to purchase additional images once you see the gallery, you are welcome to do so. (Either individual photos or packages.) In this session, we will use just two “sets”. This means that you will have two entirely different looks to choose from. The first will always be a back lying shot, such as on a fur or in a bowl. The second may be either a prop or a bean bag set, depending on your preference and also baby’s preference! We like to adjust each session to the likes and dislikes of your individual baby. So how do we get to five images from only two sets? We take multiple angles: full shots, close ups, details, ect.

In our “Classic” session, we will use 3 or 4 different sets in addition to the parents shots. This session will also include a back lying shot as in the “Simple” session. From there, we typically do one or two prop sets as well as a bean bag set. Our family portion of the session is usually saved for the end.

The “Premium” session includes everything shown in the “Classic” package, but includes one or two additional sets for the baby and more family images. This session is ideal for the client looking to invest in one of our premium albums, since there is a lot of variety as well as more images included.

When and where does the newborn session take place?

Newborn are best photographed during the first two weeks of life. Newborn sessions can be done later, but your baby will not sleep as easily through the posing and may also not be able to curl into all the cuddly newborn poses. If you are wondering if your baby is still able to have a newborn session, please contact the studio.

All newborn sessions take place in the home studio of Little Lullaby Photography. Our studio is fully stocked with props, backdrops, outfits and accessories that wouldn’t be available for travel.

What is a newborn session like and how do I prepare?

Because your baby has been in the womb at 98.6 degrees for the last nine months, the studio is kept warm. So please dress appropriately! White noise is played to assure baby is sleeping sweetly through the poses and there will be quiet music playing in the background. Sessions are baby led and usually last anywhere from 1-4 hours, depending on the type of session chosen as well as the baby. Sessions begin with a feeding, as babies with full bellies tend to sleep well. Please be prepared to feed on demand if breastfeeding, or bring many extra bottles if bottle feeding. If you are nursing, please avoid spicy and gassy foods both the day before and the day of the session. I also recommend bringing a pacifier, even if baby is not taking one. We use this soothing tool when baby is not hungry, but needs pacification while posing. Please also bring a soft blanket to wrap baby in between poses.

As we mentioned, parent/sibling shots are typically done at the end of the session. With this in mind, we usually recommend that dad or another person take the older siblings out during the first portion of the session. Children, especially younger ones, can become restless in a warm, small studio. We have a park within walking distance and stores and restaurants within one mile of the studio. For parents, you are welcome to sit close and watch us work with your little. Or you may choose just to sit back and relax! For some parents, this time will be your first moments alone since baby was born! So feel free to bring a book or put your head back and take a nap.

When you book your session, you will receive a questionnaire to fill out. And this will give us direction as far as the color scheme that you would like to use. From there, we will choose props, outfits and backdrops that we feel will accomplish the look you desire. If during the session you see something that we are using that you do not love (Or the opposite: you see something that you love that we are NOT using) just let us know so we accommodate!

We offer a complete line of maternity gowns, which are very comfortable for new mamas to wear during their portion of the newborn session. We also carry a large line of dresses for little girls. (Please contact the studio to see if we have the size you will need.) For dads and little boys, we recommend solid, light colored clothing. White shirts and tan pants are always a good option! We like light and simple clothing so that nothing distracts from the newest addition. For your newborn, we have everything that he/she will need! Most of my props are hand-made to fit my style of photography, so store bought clothes typically don’t fit in. However, if you have something of sentimental value, please feel free to bring it for the session.