Beautiful. Strong. Feminine.

Your pregnancy is special. Unique. And fleeting. I mean, my goodness: You are carrying and growing another human being inside of you! Don’t get me wrong, as a mother of two young girls, I have very clear memories of the sleepless nights, the random pelvic pains and the swollen feet. But as a photographer, I know that I can – even if for just one hour – help you feel amazing. And I can say that even if you don’t “feel” like having your picture taken, your pregnancy photos are something that will be cherished by future generations. Memories to show your little one how proud you were to carry them. How proud you are to call yourself their mother.

As you scroll thru the images in this portfolio, you will see many gorgeous maternity gowns. Each gown pictured is available for use during your session with Little Lullaby Photography. And many of the gowns are one-of-a-kind creations that Liana has partnered with a seamstress to design. Liana is always adding to her collection, so there is a large variety for you to choose from.

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